Introducing the RealGUIDE™ CAD and FULL SUITE modules

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Enter the world
of digital dentistry.
The RealGUIDE™ Software Suite offers everything you need for precise planning and predictable placement of dental implants!
Collaborate and discuss
clinical cases.
Discover what the free PLAN module and the paid GUIDE module offer by clicking the video!
the features.
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Universal platform for diagnosis, implant planning, designing and printing surgical guides, and prosthesis modelling. Compatible with DICOM and STL files from any device.
PC, MAC and mobile platforms
(Apple iOS) native system
2D/3D visualization and implant planning also on iPAD
Extremely easy to use! Manage your virtual patient with the click of the mouse or the touch of your finger
Patient data archived on your computer and available on-demand during active projects through the CLOUD platform
Share and discuss the clinical case with clinicians, dental technicians or radiologists, thanks to the integrated communication system
Open to all implant systems and accessible to everybody, thanks to the multiple licensing options suited to doctors and dental labs
Low initial investment, thanks to affordable monthly subscriptions and low click fees
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